About Fujicalin®

Fujicalin® is a dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous designed to function as a direct compression excipient. It has exceptional flow and compression characteristics, while maintaining the ability for rapid disintegration. The key to Fujicalin®'s superior performance is the highly specialized and proprietary manufacturing process that yields a unique primary particle. The patented manufacturing process yields porous spheres with high specific area.

Fujicalin® is totally synthetic and ideally suited to direct compression formulations, especially involving difficult-to-compress materials like oily actives. It can also be used to assist flow, reduce tablet weight variation and improve content uniformity. Fujicalin®'s compressibility facilitates the design of smaller tablets. It can also be used as a partial or total replacement for microcrystalline cellulose.


  1. Fujicalin® is a synthetic, free flowing spherically granulated Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous (DCPA) for direct compression of tablets.
  2. Fujicalin®'s patented manufacturing process yields porous spheres with a high specific area, 20 to 70% more than conventional Dibasic Calcium Phosphate excipients.
  3. Fujicalin® has a low mean particle size of 120μm. The granules are highly stable and compact to tablets of higher tensile strength.
  4. Fujicalin®'s smooth and spherical granules are less abrasive on tabletting machines leading to trouble free operations.
  5. Fujicalin®'s porosity and extremely high specific area allows formulators to develop oral dosage forms of oily actives.
  6. Fujicalin®'s anhydrous nature results in very low water of crystallization thus making it the ideal choice for hydrolysable drugs.
  7. Fujicalin® makes sufficiently hard tablets at low compression forces and in addition can improve the hardness of other fillers and binders. It is an ideal excipient for manufacturing tablets of probiotic preparations.
  8. Fujicalin® retains porosity at high compression forces and exhibits low friability across broad compression range.
  9. Fujicalin® facilitates the production of easily disintegrating, smaller and thinner tablets.
  10. Fujicalin® is suitable for both pharmaceutical and food applications.
The core benefits of incorporating Fujicalin® as an excipient
"The core benefits of incorporating Fujicalin® as an excipient"

Chemical Formula

CaHPO4 Fujicalin® : Spray Dried Granules
Fujicalin® particle(x 800)
Fujicalin® particle
(x 800)
Cross section of Fujicalin® particle(x 2,000)
Cross section of Fujicalin® particle
(x 2,000)