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What are pharmaceutical excipients?

Pharmaceutical excipients are substances other than the pharmacologically active drug or prodrug which are included in the manufacturing process or are contained in a finished pharmaceutical product dosage form.

What is difference between Fujicalin® and other DCPA?

Fujicalin® has increased specific surface ( ~40 m²/g) and high oil and water adsorption capacity (1.1 mL/g). In addition, Fujicalin® can provide high quality tablets at low compression forces with faster disintegration time.

What excipient functions can be attributed to Fujicalin®?

Fujicalin® is a multifunctional excipient. It is an excellent binder, diluent, compression aid and a dispersing agent.

Can Fujicalin® be used for both direct compression and water granulation?

Fujicalin® is an ideal excipient for direct compression.

Does Fujicalin® swell on contact with moisture?

No. Fujicalin® does not swell on contact with moisture unlike cellulose based excipients.

How stable is Fujicalin® against heat?

Fujicalin® is stable up to 400ºC.